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I have always felt that our miseries have largely been because of indiscriminate meddling with Nature. Here is a short poem which I wrote last evening…

(Inspired by ‘Kumropotash’ from the magical collection of Bengali poems ‘Abol Tabol’ by Sukumar Ray)


Should Nature ever laugh

Laugh along, laugh aloud

No joy is then enough

Feel the cool wind on your back

Wonder at her grace

Watch the marvels of the world

At a gentle, lazy pace



Should Nature ever smile

Watch her lips, her finger tips

And linger just a while

On flowers and trees, on birds and bees

On streams and swinging palms

Enjoy the beauty of the earth

Serene and ever calm


Should Nature ever cry

The reasons will be you and me

So never ask her why

Search your soul, mend your role

Try to set things right

Never make it worse for her

She may just use her might


Should Nature ever warn

Heed her call, spring or fall

Lest all be left forlorn

Stop the plunder, check the loot

Wait not, reverse the wrong

If mindless greed should still prevail

We’ll pay back hard and long


Should Nature ever strike

Our wicked stance has blown our chance

We never heard her cries

Her silent wrath we must endure

And fall upon our knees

A telling lesson shall be taught

By the harmless rocks and trees


02 Apr 20

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