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Today’s post is a short one out of sheer frustration and Whatsapp fatigue. If it was possible to kill a person with forwards and ‘forwards of forwards’, I would be dead by now. Further, everyone seems to believe that I am interested in everything they send. Whatsapp groups are several orders of magnitude higher in the ‘irritation factor’ than individuals. Add to this the menace of fake news and you have a serious problem on your hands. I sometimes receive the same forwards 25 times over from 25 different sources, 95% of which is hogwash. I just cannot stand it anymore.

Feels familiar? Here is a ‘three question test’ before you decide to hit the ‘Send’ button…

*1. Have you seen it yourself/Are you sure that it is true?*

*2. Will it be in the interest of everyone’s well-being?*

*3. Is sending this absolutely unavoidable?*

If the answer to any one of these questions is ‘No’, resist the temptation to let it fly.

Janhith mein jaari

07 Apr 20

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